Professional Opportunities Development (P.O.D.) Space

The Professional Opportunities Development (P.O.D.) Space is a study room equipped to promote digital resources for education and training in the trades, provide free access to technology, and promote jobs and career development opportunities here in Hinton, Alberta.

This initiative is 100% grant-funded through the province of Alberta. The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation allocated funds to be distributed through the Municipal Affairs Public Services Branch (PLSB) as a grant program - the Public Library Grant for Skill development in rural Alberta. The P.O.D. Space was awarded $25,000 from this one-time project funding through PLSB. The provision of these resources to the town of Hinton and surrounding area would not have been possible without this generous funding opportunity.

The target user groups for the P.O.D. Space are:
  • people seeking to enter the trades;
  • tradespeople preparing to challenge the Red Seal certification exam;
  • career organizations and employers in the community;
  • people who lack internet or computer access to complete career training or education;
  • people seeking to improve their digital literacy skills to accomplish their career development goals on their own;
  • and young adults and teenagers who have limited access to career development opportunities elsewhere in Hinton.

However, the P.O.D. Space is open to all members of our community.

All users must have an active library card in good standing! Contact the library to sign up for a free card or check on your account.

What's Available in the P.O.D Space?

  • Computer with two curved monitors
  • Headset with microphone
  • Speakers and a webcam
  • Laptop
  • USB sticks
  • Whiteboard
  • Career info board
  • Office supplies
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Zoom Pro
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft 365

How to Book the P.O.D. Space:

  1. Contact the library to book the room - come in person, phone us, or email us. Bookings are available for 2-hour time slots. User can remain in the Space if the room is not requested after that point. It is only available during regular hours.
  2. Come to the library at the booked time - being 15 or more minutes late will forfeit your reservation. 
  3. Fill out the usage tracking form provided by staff.
  4. Use the room for what you need and ask staff any questions you have.

If staff ask you to leave the room after your reservation, please clean up and exit the Space. You may ask to book the room again.