Folding Mountain Seed Library

A Seed Library is a collection of seeds shared by a community. People can borrow seeds, grow and enjoy them, and then share back some of the seed for others to enjoy. 

Take home up to 4 packs of different seed varieties each month, completely free!

Want to donate seeds to the library? We accept all seeds that are fresh, commercially grown, non-hybrid, and non GMO. Print out and fill in the Seed Donation Form in advance or once you get to the library!

We recommend checking out to learn more about seed saving, seed starting, and gardening or checking out one of the books below for more information.

Sprouting, Growing, and Saving

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Special thanks to Folding Mountain Brewing for sponsoring this project, and to Katrina Krickan, who donated over a hundred packets of seeds to start our seed library off strong!