Meet the Staff

Library Manager

Shannen Shott



Shannen loves hiking, hockey, and hanging out with her cat, Faust.

Shannen's Book Picks

Library Assistant Manager

Lindsey Bennett (Interim)


Lindsey enjoys doing projects with resin, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hanging out with her snake.

Pamela Stewart (Currently Unavailable)


Library Technician

Devon Hamplas

780-865-6053 or 780-865-2363 


I love to eat! I love planning my travels around restaurants and bakeries I would like to eat at! I also love to bake and share my creations with others.

Devon's Book List

Library Assistants

Myles Hegion

Myles enjoys playing video games and capturing storm photos on his super fancy phone.

Katlyn Bowman

Katlyn enjoys reading, playing cozy video games, and learning about dinosaurs.

Janae Jahraus

I enjoy all things DIY, scrapbooking, playing video games, and taking care of my fish!

Janae's Book List 

Library Page

David Lee

David enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

David's Book List