Come try out our 3D printer! Open to all.

What to know before you get started:

  • Printing costs $0.10 per gram. You can get a preview to see how much it will cost before you print, but most things won't be over $10
  • Most files take several hours to print - some can even take days. This means it will be a while before you get your completed print job.
  • Our 3D printer is an Ultimaker 2+ Connect. It can't handle print jobs that are too complicated, so simple models are best.
  • We only have one colour of filament, but you can paint your finished print jobs when you get home.
  • Sometimes our printer runs into problems and we have to figure out what's wrong - this can also affect how long it will take for you to get your completed print job. This may also mean that we will have to find a different file to print if we continually run into problems with the selected model.

How to use our 3D printer:

  1. Find or make a file that you want to print. Files can be found through various websites for free, such as Thingiverse. You can browse at home and bring it in on a USB drive, or you can use our computer to browse for files. 
  2. Let us know if you would like help resizing or slicing your file (slicing allows the 3D printer to read the different layers of the model) and we will save it into our file folder.
  3. Then you can fill out one of the forms we have available by the printer or at the front desk. We'll take down the file name, your name, your phone number, and then we will add you to our line-up of print jobs. 
  4. You will be contacted when your print job is done and ready to be picked up! You will also be contacted if we run into any major issues during printing.

Innovation Kits

All Innovation Kits are available to borrow during regular library hours. Kits must be checked out to a library card and are for in-library use only.

Available Innovation Kits:


Dash Robots


Snap Circuits

Button Maker

Makey Makey


Virtual Reality Headsets

 App Suggestions for VR:

  • Google Cardboard
  • YouTube
  • Google Street View
  • Within
  • NYT VR
  • Discovery VR
  • InCell VR
  • InMind 2 VR
  • VR Roller Coaster
  • End Space VR
  • Jaunt VR
  • Liftoff VR
  • Virtual Reality Moon 
  • VR Noir
  • Zombie Shooter VR
  • VR Street Jump
  • VR XRacer
  • Romans From Mars 360

Sewing and Embroidery Machines

The library offers free use of our sewing machine and embroidery machine. They are available on a first come, first served basis. Materials are not provided, so be sure to bring a project from home to work on. Not sure where to start? We often have Open Sew programs for people of all skill levels, so check out our Events page to see all upcoming events.