Cabinet of Curiosities

Discover mysterious, bizarre, and intriguing stories gathered from near and far and from our imaginations. What extraordinary treasures will you collect to remember your epic adventures during your summer of curiosities?

Help us fill our Cabinet of Curiosities!

We will be picking submitted artifacts to be displayed in our Cabinet of Curiosities this summer! Choose an item that matches the weekly theme, then send us a picture of your submission. The lucky winner will bring their item to be added to our cabinet!  When picking an artifact to submit, please do not consider anything that is living, and please do not cause any damage to nature while collecting your artifact. Each participant can submit one artifact for consideration each week, and don't forget: we love stories! If your curiosity has a story behind it, it is more likely to win! To submit a curiosity, email us or message us on social media! 

Examples of Curiosities for each week:



Week 1: Rocks

Painted Rock, Geode

Week 2: Space

Toy Rocket, Constellation Craft

Week 3: Bug

Toy Bug, Pinned Butterflies

Week 4: Water

Jar of Sand, Seashells

Week 5: Plants

Dried Leaves or Flowers, Seeds

Week 6: Animal

Fossils, Stuffed Toy, Feather

Week 7: Disasters

Damaged Object, Art Depicting Disasters

Week 8: Treasures and Relics

Gem, Historical Object